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The idea or ideas considered may be found in printed books and articles in scholarly or distinguished journals, and also in public speeches or other widely and publicly disseminated documents so long as they first appeared between January and December All submissions shall include the following:. Non-English entries must be translated. All nominations for the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order should reach the University of Louisville by January 31, and all supporting materials books, articles, speeches, reviews are due by February 28, Nominated works must have appeared between January and December The Review Process Following a rigorous screening process, three finalists will be recommended to the University of Louisville award committee.

This committee, consisting of the president of the university, the dean of Arts and Sciences, the chair of the Department of Political Science and up to four persons named by the president, will select the winning submission for the award. Upon recommendation by the president of the university, the university Board of Trustees will grant the award. Restrictions Ideas or achievements must have been presented or published within the past five years.

Nominations may be made by colleagues or publishers; self-nomination is not allowed. Generally, edited books are not considered. Previous winners are not eligible for nomination a second time. Selection Initial screening by a committee of political scientists, followed by peer review by prominent experts. Secondary screening by a jury of three prominent political scientists, statesmen, journalists, economists, lawyers or military experts.

Final screening by U of L president, College of Arts and Sciences dean, political science chairman and up to four others named by the Faculty Director. University trustees approve final recommendation. For More Information Nominations and requests for further information should be sent to: Dr. Previous Winners.

In the book , Straus, who teaches at University of Wisconsin-Madison, explains how ideas and political messages can become tipping points for genocide. His original research examines patterns and circumstances that have resulted in genocide and contrasts those with similar situations where genocide seemed likely to happen but did not. Read More. Read more…. The absence of law enforcement in developing countries undermines the fight against global poverty. It would be a mistaken perception to suppose that states are never under any conditions prepared to give up their sovereign prerogatives.

For instance, major governments have pushed hard to create regional and global trading regimes that require reliance on international procedures and regimes that have the authority to override national lawmaking processes. This dynamic of internationalization is perhaps most ambitiously evident in some of the arrangements associated with the European Union. The latter has far reaching dispute settlement authority that can impinge very significantly on the domain of national autonomy with respect to economic policy.

World War II did have the effect of greatly weakening the colonial powers of Europe. In this sense it created opportunities for several varieties of Third World nationalism to push forward their claims, and push they did. With the two now dominant states, the United States and the Soviet Union not being colonial powers in the accepted sense, the geopolitical climate turned became less and less favorable to colonialism and more and more sympathetic nationalist tendencies and an affirmed right of self-determination. The cold war climate that dominated world politics from the late s for the next four decades led to a tension between a tolerance for choosing an internal future that was either liberal capitalist or Marxist socialist and an intense interventionary struggle that produced blood-stained battlefields throughout the Third World that cast dark shadows over many anti-colonial projects.

But the historical trends were definitely moving against colonialism, and the peoples of the non-Western world gained political independence after struggles of varying length and intensity. At the same time, the Westphalian ethos continued to affirm the rights of governments to wage wars to prevent the fragmentation of existing states through the separatist claims of ethnic or religious minorities. What became acceptable under the rubric of self-determination was to endorse the legitimacy of even armed struggle against alien forms of political control, but internal forms of oppression remained mostly out of reach.

It did mobilize international society on behalf of the oppressed majority in South Africa, and imposed some sanctions, but it was not prepared to intervene forcibly in a manner that might have ended apartheid right away, but also risked failing as well as might have caused major bloodshed. The political will for such an interventionary undertaking has never been a feature of world order as it would presuppose governing elites in major states that were motivated by moral considerations in shaping foreign policy, and such elites have never existed except as anomalies.

It is important to appreciate the extent to which these leaders are anomalies in relation to the Westphalian tradition that has been shaped by a realist understanding of world order, which carries with it the marginalization of international law and morality with respect to the use of force and the pursuit of international and global security. Put concretely, the failure to intervene, even to prevent genocidal behavior, remains the modal pattern of behavior on a global scale. In this regard, the non-response to Rwanda in or Darfur since are more indicative of world order than the NATO intervention in Kosovo of , which seems to have spared the Kosovar Albanians from a new phase of ethnic cleansing.

At the same time, especially during the s, there were several efforts to humanize world order. First and foremost, the protection and promotion of international human rights received considerable prominence, especially as the great movements against Soviet domination of East Europe and South African apartheid were inspired by human rights ideas, first and foremost by the right of self-determination. This development was undoubtedly facilitared by the rise of transnational civil society actors that regarded their mission to be associated with the realization of human rights standards.

These actors had no stake in the territorial sovereignty of states, and yet could invoke rules and standards agreed upon by state actors in such seminal international instruments as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A second development in this period was a revival of the Nuremberg idea of accountability for crimes of state, which led to the establishment in The Hague of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia in the early s, and a few years later a parallel tribunal dealing with the Rwandan genocide of Also notable was the detention in Britain of the former Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet, because Spain wanted to prosecute for crimes against humanity and torture committed in Chile while he was running the country.

In turn, these moves led to a major effort by a series of governments and a coalition of civil society actors to establish a permanent International Criminal Court. Quite remarkably such an institution was formally established in despite the opposition of several important states, especially the United States.

These developments, along with the wider dynamics of globalization, definitely challenged several attributes of the Westphalian conception of world order: non-state actors representing market forces and global civil society had to be recognized as participants in the global policy process; territorial impunity was being eroded by the influence of international standards and ideas; and realist thinking was being challenged in various statist arenas. Falk, Predatory Globalization]. This endorsement has been reinforced by a US insistence that Charter notions of self-defense are no longer adequate, but must be augmented by a right of preemption based on threats that have not even achieved imminent status, as well as by adopting highly controversial policies of casting aside the Geneva Conventions governing the conduct of war.

It would seem that war on terrorism for both sides is being waged without regard for either the constraints of law or respect for the borders of sovereign states. This is a truly borderless war of global scope. It threatens chaos on one side, and global security administered from Washington on the other side. However conceived this new phase of conflict cannot be understood within a statist framing of world order concerns. There are two major experiments in relation to post-Westphalian world order. The first can be called The European Project, and is based on creating layers of authority and channels for cooperation above and beyond the states of Europe.

This regionalization of political life incorporates territorial states, and does not challenge the primacy of their domestic roles. At the same time, it moves toward the achievement of a trustworthy internal culture of peace that makes war within Europe highly improbable.

It also operates as a regional actor in many global policy forming arenas. Whether European citizenship, now a formal complementary reality, will reshape nationalist identities seems doubtful in the near future. It is said that such regional citizenship will only be taken seriously when jokes emerge to poke fun at Europeanness in the manner of nationalist jokes aimed at being German, French, or British.

Whether a European humor will precede the formation of a European Defense Force remains highly speculative. But suppose one says, "That's funny, something you said sounds familiar — I think I had a dream about this. Is this a "real" memory? You inquire further and find that several of the officers had a "missing time" episode that day. It seems like they pulled the woman over and then forgot about it. Was there some conscious agency that compelled them to do so? Or was it just a piece of the aforementioned matrix of synchronicity?

Following such questions, we eventually might develop doubts about what it means to say that my friend "really" was pulled over by seven police cars. We might look at the police record — did such an incident happen? We find no record. Of course not — it has been expunged. But maybe we do find a record, that disappears the next time we check.

Maybe we, as investigators, get sucked down the rabbit hole: the more we investigate, the more evidence we find, but it is only ever enough to confirm it to ourselves, not to others. When we try to convince others, the documents we need are unavailable, key sources mysteriously disappear or change their story… We begin to wonder about our own sanity.

We seem to be living in a world in which the conspiracy exists for us, but not for most other people. Yet it is not all in our heads — real things are happening to us. It is as if the events are happening for you, but not for me; that in one universe, the police raid really did happen, and in another universe it did not — and both these universes coexist on earth.

Steeped in the doctrine of objectivity, we would like to think there is a "fact of the matter", an absolute reality in which it either did or did not happen, independent of our knowledge. But perhaps reality is not like that. Perhaps reality is relational, co-created, and never just "out there. The shadowy nature of these down-the-rabbit-hole realities comes through in certain conspiracist writings that refer to reptilian alien races, the true puppet masters, who control the Illuminati from the fourth dimension. This reference to the "fourth dimension" encodes an implicit acknowledgment that these beings don't "exist" in the three-dimensional Cartesian matrix of our objectivity-based worldview.

They occupy an intermediate state, again, somewhere between Michael Jordan and Santa Claus. Another clue lies in the common NWO belief that a gigantic network of tunnels, secret bases, and entire cities lies beneath our own, a whole parallel world. Is their existence literally subterranean, or is it, rather, subconscious? When you go looking for them, you find them; or perhaps they come looking for you if you are in the right psychological state. You find mysterious maps, ominous references, eerie stories from retired Department of Energy officials.

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But, if you approach the matter from a different mindset and a different state of being, you find nothing unexplainable. The maps have other interpretations, the former officials seem not credible. For you, there is nothing to find. You occupy a universe in which it doesn't exist. Paradoxically, the conspiracists and the skeptics are both right.

In most organizations I have encountered there is a conspiracy of silence that hides the organization's true goals. This secret, shadow organization is nearly coextensive with its visible constituency, meaning that we are each members of the conspiracy to enslave humanity; we are victims and perpetrators both. At one time or another, all of us have contributed to the "reptilian agenda" of maximizing power and control over others. This agenda has a personal and a collective dimension.

Personally, it is the egoic, even psychopathic behavior projected onto the secret rulers of the world. Collectively, it is the propensity of organizations, even those founded with great and sincere idealism, to succumb eventually to the service of their own survival interest. Their stated mission becomes an afterthought, a justification for their secret purpose of self-preservation.

Certainly on a metaphorical level, the New World Order hypothesis is true. Follow it down the rabbit hole and it becomes not only true, but also real. The divergence of reality and truth is confusing to the objectivity-steeped mind. To further confuse matters, shadow realities can have effects on each other. It is just like a quantum experiment in which each possible state of a particle has an effect on an observable system, even though when a measurement is taken, the particle is found to occupy only one of those states. In other words, the mere possibility of it occupying a certain state has physical effects.

In a similar way, perhaps our world occupies a superposition of states, one of which is the NWO state, and we can see the interference effects of that state even without its being "real". Its reality, and that of the conventional explanation as well, is indeterminate. It is only when we begin to investigate that we collapse the wave function and enter into one or another shadow reality. However rational and evidence-based we like to imagine ourselves to be, ultimately our beliefs are founded on faith.

Few readers of David Icke actually do the footwork that would be necessary to verify his sources, and his sources' sources, many of whom, indeed, are already dead. If the NWO conspiracists are correct, then everything we have been told is wrong. For some, this is profoundly liberating; for others it is deeply disturbing.

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The former are predisposed to believe; the latter to reject; this predisposition then clothes itself in facts and evidence. Thus it is that facts and evidence rarely change anyone's mind — they are symptoms and not causes of our beliefs. It is only when life-changing events alter one's predisposition that room becomes available for new beliefs. Our beliefs, and the states of being underlying them, do evolve and sometimes shift dramatically. This happens especially when for one reason or another, one's world falls apart.

Because we live in a time of mounting crisis, the world is falling apart for more and more people, and the unraveling of the old certainties will only accelerate in coming years. At such times, we occasionally face a moment of choice, in which we can decide what to believe. But, recognizing that evidence alone is insufficient to guide belief, how are we to choose? I suggest that we choose a belief, and the corresponding psychological state accompanying it, based on how well it aligns with who we truly are and who we want to become. This doesn't mean that we should ignore evidence, for quite often anomalous events can show us that our personal mythology is cracking apart, and that we are ready to moult.

It does mean that we should consider how each belief-state feels, what it implies about the world, about human beings, and about oneself. How does it affect the answer to the question, "Who am I?

Diplomacy and World Order MA

How does it hurt? What emotions does it evoke? Then I invite you to do the same with the third alternative that I offer in the essay. This third alternative preserves the mythic truths of the New World Order hypothesis, truths that lie outside its interpretive framework. Here are two of them:. Rather than an evil Illuminati, could that power be money? Some say that a global elite controls humanity via the money system, but could it be that it is rather the money system that controls the global elite?

I'm sure many of you have known the feeling of being enslaved to money. The wealthy are not exempt, and indeed, possessing more of it, are even more deeply enslaved to its logic. It is truly an "invisible hand," a force that "makes the world go 'round. Even those we might consider most culpable for the injustices and despoliation of our world act with little awareness of what they are creating. Whether they are hedge fund managers seeking to maximize a number profit , or political leaders seeking to further "American interests," the reality behind these symbols is obscure to them.

They are victims of their own propaganda, doing harm while sincerely believing to be doing good. It is easy to believe this of people in the middle and bottom of the pyramid, the ignorant and the duped. It is harder to understand how it could apply to people at the top, yet it is equally true — if not more true — of them.

They are among the most hopeless dupes of all. Money is not the only candidate for the nefarious controlling power.

What It Means to Work For the New World Order - Tiffany FitzHenry

Various ideologies and their corresponding being-states, in particular those I call Separation and Ascent , are even more deeply responsible. They create a culture, and a self, that seeks to maximize security, predictability, and control; to measure and quantify the world; to eliminate risk and establish liability; to extend property rights and legal codes into every corner of life, and to monitor everyone and keep track of every thing.

The destination of such a program is none other than what the conspiracists fear: a totalitarian "one world government. We might say, then, that it is not those at the top of the pyramid that control the rest; it is the pyramid itself that controls all. But this pyramid, this Tower, built of the defining myths of our civilization, is evidently crumbling before our eyes. I am not necessarily saying, "It isn't the Draconian races, it is the money system or the myth of Separation. In one reality, it is money, in another it is the ETs. New World Order conspiracists posit the existence of futuristic mind control based on alien technologies, beamed from the communication infrastructure, riding upon cell phone towers, television transmissions, and so on, or transmitted via occult symbology, subliminal messages, and neuro-linguistic programming techniques.

There is truth in this, but the truth is deeper than the conspiracists realize.

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Television stupifies us not only through its content, but through the ability of the medium itself to usurp the image-making capacity of the brain and create intellectual dependency. Advertising and, more subtly, the narratives of the mass media condition our thoughts and desires, so that we become afraid of freedom and nearly incapable of rebelling. But these technologies are rather clumsy and overt compared with the way that institutions of our culture, by their very logic, limit the range and manner of our thinking.

Education, science, religion, medicine, parenting, and the legal system all condition us to think in certain ways. But the most pervasive and powerful mind control technology, so ubiquitous as to be unnoticable, is undoubtedly the language itself. Can we overcome dualism, when our language is rife with it?

Can we transcend separation, when our language assumes it in its very structure? By their very existence certain words limit us to thoughts that subtly serve the status quo. For example, when I when I say that reality isn't what we think it is, by using the word "is" I reinforce the very independently-existing reality that I am trying to deny. More generally, as a system of signs, language distances us from the reality it is supposed to represent, allowing us to more easily treat the world as other. Sometimes, during meditation or mystical experience, the veil of language lifts and the richness of the unmediated world is revealed, and along with it the depth of our thralldom.

Again, even as it reaches its extreme, the system of mind control is crumbling. The devaluation of language that I discuss in The Ubiquitous Matrix of Lies has engendered a pervasive cynicism, a discounting of all speech, that renders the tools of mind control increasingly ineffective.

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So inured are we to a world of image and hype, that we believe little of what we are told. Switching to the NWO lens, we might say that the Illuminati are panicking, desperately ramping up their mind control efforts to less and less effect. There are many other mythic truths, and variants of these, that could be added to the list. To me, they carry a resonance that transcends interpretation. Here are a few to play with: "The institutions of power are carrying us toward a secret and horrible destination.

At some point, however, the story that was once enlightening becomes confining. As I have explained, conspiracy theories eventually bring most people to a kind of despair, even paralysis. When that happens, when the NWO story has run the course of its usefulness, it helps to have a new, larger story to step into.

The new story says that the abiding intuition that you have carried perhaps your whole life, and which drew you to conspiracism in the first place, is true. The world is governed by a secret power that holds us in bondage to no good end. But the conspirators are not others, they are we, you and I and everyone. A secret agenda of domination and control has existed in nearly everyone, and a world embodying that agenda has congealed around us, attracted to the dark, reptilian energies we have harbored.

The good news is that these energies have nearly run their course, as the world of control breaks down and the campaign to conquer and dominate all other being founders on its own consequences. Just as Voldemort was unable to possess Harry Potter because he couldn't abide the love within him, so also is the ruling power of the world unable to abide our growing realization of our connectedness. Love, the felt experience of oneness, is spreading as the walls of separation come down.

They never were sustainable. Today, even the most deluded — the power elite — are beginning to recognize that. The reign of the Illuminati is nearly over. That it seems to be reaching unprecedented heights only bespeaks the imminence of its demise, the extreme of yang giving birth to yin. The war of good versus evil was never anything but a lie. The concept of evil is perhaps the greatest servant of evil. After you asked, the answer is yes.

We embark on a journey of separation in all its forms, we reach its extreme, and we come back to Union at a higher level of complexity, enriched by our journey. To adopt one last time the vocabulary of the New World Order myth, we might say that the reptilian overlords or the Illuminati have fulfilled their purpose. Though some might try to hold onto it a little longer, sooner or later they will accept that their time is over, and they will bow out of service.

The greater truth, though, which contains but does not contradict the lesser, is that the Illuminati, the Reptilians, are you and I. On this level too, what I have said is true.

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