V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)

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In the s, Hutchinson was selling a million copies of his books per year, and most of his titles were kept available in hardcover. A few of his books were made into films by Hammer , of which the best known is The Devil Rides Out book , film Wheatley also wrote non-fiction works, including an account of the Russian Revolution , a life of King Charles II of England , and several autobiographical volumes. He edited several collections of short stories, and from through , he supervised a series of 45 paperback reprints for the British publisher Sphere with the heading "The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult", selecting the titles and writing short introductions for each book.

These included both occult-themed novels by the likes of Bram Stoker and Aleister Crowley with whom he once shared a lunch and non-fiction works on magic , occultism , and divination by authors such as the Theosophist H. Two weeks before his death in November , Wheatley received conditional absolution from his old friend Cyril 'Bobby' Eastaugh , the Bishop of Peterborough. He was cremated at Tooting and his ashes interred at Brookwood Cemetery.

His estate library was sold in a catalogue sale by Basil Blackwell 's in It suggested a well-read individual with wide-ranging interests, particularly with respect to historical fiction and Europe. His grandson Dominic Wheatley became one of the co-founders of the software house Domark , which published a number of titles in the s and s.

His work is fairly typical of his class and era, portraying a way of life and clubland ethos that gives an insight into the values of the time. His main characters are all supporters of Royalty , Empire and the class system , and many of his villains are villainous because they attack these ideas, although in The Golden Spaniard he pits his series protagonists against each other in the setting of the Spanish Civil War. His historical analysis is affected by his politics, but is well informed.

D for Deception — The Atavist Magazine

For example, Vendetta in Spain pre- World War I adventure in that country contains a discussion of political anarchism which is well researched, though unsympathetic. His strong attachment to personal liberty also informs much of his work. This, as well as a sympathetic attitude toward Jews as shown in the 'Simon Aron' character introduced in Three Inquisitive People caused him to criticise the Nazi system mercilessly, in those 'Gregory Sallust' thrillers set during World War II.

During the winter of , Wheatley penned 'A Letter to Posterity' which he buried in an urn at his country home. The letter was intended to be discovered some time in the future it was found in when that home was demolished for redevelopment of the property. In it, he predicted that the socialist reforms introduced by the post-war government would result inevitably in the abolition of the monarchy, the "pampering" of a "lazy" working class, and national bankruptcy. He advised both passive and active resistance to the resulting tyranny, including "ambushing and killing of unjust tyrannous officials.

From to the year of his death , 52 of Dennis Wheatley's novels were offered in a uniform hardcover set by Heron Books UK. This was in addition to Hutchinson's own "Lymington" edition, published from to Having brought each of his major fictional series to a close with the final Roger Brook novel, Wheatley then turned to his memoirs. These were announced as five volumes, but never completed, and were eventually published as three books, the fourth volume concerning the Second World War issued as a separate title. His availability and influence declined following his death, partly owing to difficulties of reprinting his works because of copyright problems.

The revision by Susan Keevil brought the history up to date. Wheatley's literary estate was acquired by media company Chorion in April , and several titles were reissued in Wordsworth paperback editions. A new hardcover omnibus of Black Magic novels was released by Prion in When Chorion encountered financial problems in , the Rights House and PFD acquired four crime estates from them, including the Wheatley titles. PFD is hoping to broker new series for TV and radio, and a move to digital publishing.


In October , Bloomsbury Reader began republishing 56 of his titles; many of these will be censored and abridged. However, many of them will also have new introductions evaluating Wheatley's work, including some written by his grandson, Dominic Wheatley. To be available in both printed format and as ebooks. All titles in this list up to the end of the 'Short Story Collection' section were made available in the s 'Heron' hardback edition, except for the titles marked with an 'X'.

Historic Brandies from the Palaces of the Kings of France. Sent to customers in the form of a scroll several feet long. The Finest Ports in the World. Special Price List for Clubs and Messes. The Forbidden Territory. Hutchinson, [Jan ]. Hutchinson,[Sep ] Historical Non-fiction. Black August. The Devil Rides Out. Hutchinson, [Dec ].

They Found Atlantis. Hutchinson, [Oct ]. Secret Of Stamboul U. The Spy In White. The Secret War. Hutchinson, [Oct] Historical Non-fiction. Invasion, 2nd Edition.

Gregory Sallust

The Golden Spaniard. Hutchinson, [Aug ]. The Quest of Julian Day. Hutchinson, [Jan ] [No. Those Modern Musketeers. First appearance in print of 'Three Inquisitive People', written in The reprint of this omnibus omits 'The Devil Rides Out'. An Englishman's Home, []. Film Wheatley's screenplay for film of the play of that name. Film is also known as 'Mad Men of Europe'. Director argued with Wheatley, and rewrote final draft without him. The Scarlet Impostor. Three Inquisitive People. Hutchinson, [Feb ]. Faked Passports.

Hutchinson, [Jun ]. The Black Baroness. Strange Conflict. Hutchinson, [Apr ]. The Sword of Fate. Hutchinson, [Sep ]. V For Vengeance. Hutchinson, [Mar ]. Hutchinson, [Nov ]. Codeword—Golden Fleece. Hutchinson, [May ].

V For Vengeance

Come into My Parlour. The Launching of Roger Brook. Hutchinson, [Jul ]. The Shadow of Tyburn Tree. The Rising Storm. Of Vice And Virtue. An Eastern Romance. Published only in Arabic, Persian and other Eastern languages. The Second Seal. The Early Adventures of Roger Brook.

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Hutchinson, [July ]. The Man Who Killed the King. Worlds Far From Here.

Jay Allan Winds of Vengeance Crimson Worlds Refugees 4 Audiobook

To the Devil—A Daughter. We Move With the Times. Private Printing. The Dark Secret of Josephine. The Secret Missions of Gregory Sallust. The Ka of Gifford Hillary. The Black Magic Omnibus. Hutchinson [Nov ]. The Prisoner in the Mask. Roger Brook in the French Revolution. Traitors' Gate. Death in the Sunshine. Plot and Counterplot. The Rape of Venice.

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    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)
    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)
    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)
    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)
    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)
    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)
    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)
    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)
    V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5) V for Vengeance (Gregory Sallust, Book 5)

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