The Origins of Free Peoples

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Once the Tyranny invasion force arrived, those marines caused them no end of grief. Those planets whose capitulation to the enemy was inevitable had their infrastructures sabotaged, rendering them useless to the invaders. A PLA task force converges on a disabled Kraken. Other task forces were sent behind the Tyranny's lines to intercept shipments of fuel and supplies to the invasion force, effectively stranding them in the Coalition's territory without resources. As the Tyranny's ships began to run out of fuel, the Tyranny's Commander desperately looked for a decisive battle with Ikeben's forces.

The General was careful not to accord him one. He harassed his opponents from all sides, forcing them to chase after him until they had exhausted their fuel supply. When they floated, defenseless and without power in the depths of space, Ikeben finally gathered his armada and attacked. In the ridiculously one sided battle that ensued, the Coalition was able to destroy the entire Dominatus Mark 2 fleet while taking no losses, an unprecedented disaster in Dominatus military history.

After the destruction of the invading Dominatus force, the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth declared war on the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Shortly thereafter, forces from the Draconid Imperium , The Divinarium , and the Fordan Empire launched an invasion of Tyranny space, thereby monopolizing the remaining Dominatus forces in Andromeda. After having regrouped, the PLA advanced into Tyranny territory, easily conquering large swaths of it with limited casualties. At the Battle for the Katar Wormhole , the PLA 1st Armada managed to wrestle a wormhole installation from a large force commanded by Richtov Reukritz , who was captured while attempting to singlehandedly storm the Aegis.

Reukritz was held and shipped back to Station 19 to be examined by Coalition scientists in an attempt to discern the Dominatus' biological weaknesses.

Future of the Free Peoples - Order - The Grand Alliance Community

The examinations would reveal very little, however. There, he established a firm beachhead and made first contact with the Drodo Empire and the other Katar powers, most of which were engaged in their own wars against the Tyranny. After a time of cooperation, the Drodo and the Coalition agreed on the creation of the Katar Sector Alliance. The Coalition's de facto boundaries as of the end of the Scorched Earth Campaign in With roughly inhabited 73, systems under their control, it is the second largest known power in the sector after the Drakodominatus Tyranny.

It is divided into thousands of administrative regions which are then grouped into blocks. Most of the population lies in the first block, a region of space previously home to a number of burgeoning stellar empires before the Drakodominatus occupation. Once one heads away from Quarania, as the first block is called, the population slowly thins until one reaches what has come to be known as "The Barrens," a desolate region of space stripped of free life during the Scorched Earth Campaign , its population turned into biodrones by the Tyranny.

This region of space is strictly off limits to ordinary civilians.

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The Barrens remained relatively untouched until , when ROUT discovered a way to take control of the Tyranny's biodrones and use them to greatly bolster the Coalition's economic capacity. The Coalition also possesses a small amount of territory in the Katar Sector , which is currently under direct military control. The Coalition can be considered to be an absolutist military dictatorship, where all legislative, executive, and judicial powers are concentrated into the hands of the Coalitionary General , an office currently held by Gustavus Ikeben.

Based out of Quaran, the Capital city, the government employs hundreds of thousands of personel to adequately manage its burgeoning territory. On Quaran, the government is divided into the Foreign Office , dealing with diplomacy, and the Ministry , handling internal affairs.

Free People of Color in Colonial Natchez (1700-1798)

The Coalition is split into sectors, each with its own capital, regional governor, and armed militia led by a Governor General. To harbor some semblance of Democracy, Regional Governors are elected by popular vote to oversee civilian affairs but de facto hold little power. The Governor General is sent over from the core worlds to head the militia and to ensure that order is being kept, that production quotas are being met, and that the Regional Governor is playing his part as the regional figurehead.

Each sector is responsible for providing a given amount of production materials namely starships, military equipment, uniforms and drafted recruits to the Capital each month, and for raising and maintaining its own militia. The wartime Coalition economy relies greatly on centralized planning.

There are no markets and no private businesses; everything, the factories, the mines, the replicators that provide for the people, belong to the government. For the most part, essential goods are allocated evenly to the populace, though many say it is not enough to be fed and clothed. One could claim that there is no freedom: one must show up to their allocated job at a given time and toil away in dangerous conditions for long hours. To not show up is to forfeit the day's bread. The Coalition inherited the Tyranny's massive planet-based infrastructure, though it could not be put to use until a way was found to circumvent the Dominatus AI that had everything in a stranglehold.

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Such a way was eventually found, allowing the Coalition to field starships with the same speed and ease as the Tyranny had before them. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, captured Tyranny biodrones were hijacked and made to work for a newly developed Coalition AI. Within a short span of time, the Coalition's economic capacity was nearly doubled. Thanks to Dominatus replicator technology, not much is needed within the Coalition that can't be produced locally.

As a result, the infrastructure necessary for intergalactic, or even local trade has not yet been constructed. The Coalition's centralized economy also does not yet allow for the amassment of capital needed for trade to start. Many of the technologies currently in use by the Coalition were either bought from Draconid Imperium or taken from the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Its industrial infrastructure is heavily based on the Dominatus' technology geoengineering, or the mining of solid material to then release the energy stored within its atoms, consolidating it into something else.

By design, the machines that employ this technology require manual operation. Slaves were used by the Tyranny to keep these machines running, and the Coalition——being unable to reverse engineer, modify, or replicate the devices——was forced to employ these very same slaves with efforts to improve their working and living conditions. Viewing of Clear All. Dresses Jeans Skirts Pants Panties Shoes Slips 6.

Leggings 3. Filter By Gender Women Trending Products. Womens Free People Top. Womens Midnight Top. Free People Top. Sparks, eds. Paths to Freedom: Manumission in the Atlantic World. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, Excellent collection of studies on manumission throughout the Atlantic world with comparative insights into the legal and political cultures that both allowed and circumscribed the rights and opportunities for the enslaved population to become free.

Cohen, David William, and Jack P.

Free Minds, Free Markets, and Free People

Greene, eds. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, Classic starting point for the social history of freed people with chapters covering the British, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese colonies in the Americas. Degler, Carl N. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, Pulitzer Prize—winning and pathbreaking study of comparative slavery; explains that the differences between US and Brazilian slavery were the result of distinct demographic, economic, and cultural factors.

Urbana: University of Illinois Press, Fourteen chapters covering the experiences of free women of color throughout the Americas.

Although their freedom was always precarious, the volume points out that women obtained their freedom more frequently than men and served as leaders of communities of free people of color. Landers, Jane G. London: Routledge, Seven chapters that explore in detail through extensive research the conditions and experiences of free people of color in Senegal, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Cuba, Saint-Dominique, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Suriname.

Engerman, eds. Focusing on Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, the chapters in this volume deal directly and indirectly with free people of color and their experiences during slavery and in the aftermath of abolition.

Who are the Free Peoples? - Age of Sigmar - Fiction - Lore

Scully, Pamela, and Diana Paton, eds. Gender and Slave Emancipation in the Atlantic World. Fourteen innovative and well-researched chapters on the gendered dimensions of slave emancipation.

The Origins of Free Peoples The Origins of Free Peoples
The Origins of Free Peoples The Origins of Free Peoples
The Origins of Free Peoples The Origins of Free Peoples
The Origins of Free Peoples The Origins of Free Peoples
The Origins of Free Peoples The Origins of Free Peoples
The Origins of Free Peoples The Origins of Free Peoples
The Origins of Free Peoples The Origins of Free Peoples
The Origins of Free Peoples The Origins of Free Peoples

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