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Difmap: an interactive program for synthesis imaging. ASP Conf. Condon, J. Pradel, N. Tzioumis, A. VLBI observations at 2. Tingay, S. The subparsec-scale structure and evolution of Centaurus A. Continued very long baseline array monitoring. Gottlieb, O. The cocoon emission — an electromagnetic counterpart to gravitational waves from neutron star mergers.

Mignone, A. PLUTO: a numerical code for computational astrophysics. Off-axis prompt X-ray transients from the cocoon of short gamma-ray bursts. Eichler, D. Kathirgamaraju, A. Bromberg, O. Pozanenko, A. GRB A associated with GW multi-frequency observations and modeling of prompt gamma-ray emission. Granot, J. On the lateral expansion of gamma-ray burst jets. Corsi, A. An upper-limit on the linear polarization fraction of the GW radio continuum. Download references. Claussen, A. Mioduszewski, T. Minter, F. Ghigo, W.

The Winnower | How superluminal motion can lead to backward time travel

Brisken, K. McKinnon, for their support with the HSA observations. We thank V.

Dhawan and P. Mioduszewski, E. Momjian, E. Greisen, T. Pearson and S. Kulkarni for discussions. We thank M.

Kasliwal for providing comments on the manuscript. All co-authors discussed the results and provided comments on the manuscript. Correspondence to K. Mooley or O. The ellipse in the lower left corner of each panel shows the synthesized beam: The individual observations of GW have very low signal-to-noise ratio and hence large errors; the moderately discrepant measurement on day 72 has the lowest signal-to-noise ratio and was affected by observing issues at the GBT.

The NGC positions do not show any significant systematic position shifts between the two epochs, and are consistent with our estimated systematic position uncertainties of 0. Reprints and Permissions. The Astrophysical Journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Mateusz Buczek.

Jordan Norman. Jeff Kortsch. Marceli Kuliga. Bob J. Damian Lunny. Richard Rees. Timothy Pankratz. The Digital Dan. Purchasable with gift card. Propellerbrain Molten Boron Planeta Eden Superluminal It consists of five instrumental songs that place themselves somewhere near Hawkwind's drug-induced voyages and Voivod's twisted, sometimes atonal mastery.

We managed to compose the album based on various threads.


This time we decided to ignore the vocals and thanks to this decision we were left with a lot of space for other sounds. One thing we can be sure of: "Superluminal" will definitely stimulate your imagination - explain the band. The album was created during rehearsals, based on improvisations. The most important thing is how it sounds live. Ampacity is already recognized by the use of sci-fi imagery and this is also true to "Superluminal". But you need to keep in mind that this genre serves only as an aesthetic signpost in our case.

We don't intend to compose a genre-based music.


Google Scholar. Crossref Google Scholar. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. To find out more, see our Privacy and Cookies policy. Close this notification. Article data. Share this article. Article information. Author e-mails. Related links. Alef, W. Barthel, P.

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Bicknell, G. Biretta, J. Burgarella, M.

O'Dea Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press , Google Scholar. Meisenheimer Heidelberg: Springer , in press Google Scholar. Blandford, R. Boksenberg, A.

Superluminal motion

Browne, I. Dent, W. Fanaroff, B. Ford, H. Fraix-Burnet, D.

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Superluminal Superluminal
Superluminal Superluminal
Superluminal Superluminal
Superluminal Superluminal
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