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Regni Veg. Contacted Waiting Ill. Unknown Public domain, please use full citation J. New York Bot. New York Botanical Garden; Dr. Leviton Alan Selected issues have been reproduced and displayed with permission of the California Academy of Sciences. Bot Richard Moe Only two pages granted. Dudley Herb. Unknown No response Man. Higher Pl. About Oregon Digital Copyright Contact.

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Boissier ser. Accepted Name Dactylostemon oligandrus f. Collector and Date E. Hassler s. Location Paraguay, Concepcion: Pr. Concepcion Notes Locality from protologue Species oligandrus. Species Header Isotype of Gynochthodes oligantha Merr. Accepted Name Gynochthodes oligantha Merr. Collector and Date A. Species Header Isotype of Hydrocotyle oligantha Urb. Accepted Name Hydrocotyle oligantha Urb.

Species Header Isotype of Diospyros oligantha Merr. Accepted Name Diospyros oligantha Merr. British North Borneo Species oligantha. Species Header Isotype of Viguiera oligantha S. Accepted Name Calanticaria oligantha S. Rzedowski Collector and Date S. Species oligantha. Species Header Holotype of Epilobium oliganthum Michx. Annual Michigan Acad. Accepted Name Epilobium leptophyllum Raf. Hoch Collector and Date Oliver A. Species oliganthum.

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Species Header Isotype of Rourea oligophlebia Merr. Michigan Acad. Caldasia — Una nueva especie Colombiana de Acostaea. New names in Colombian orchids. Pacheco, L. Palacios, W. Novon 4: — In: P. Mena, A. Soldi, R. EcoCiencia, Quito. Palacios-Rios, M. Panero, J. Systematics of Pappobolus Asteraceae—Heliantheae. Systematic Botany Monographs 1— Passiflora linda , a new species from southern Ecuador. Parker, T. Carr eds. Status of forest remnants in the Cordillera de la Costa and adjacent areas of southwestern Ecuador. RAP Working Papers 2: 1— Parks, J. Rhodora — Pax, F. In: H. Engler ed.

Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig. Payne, W. A re-evaluation of the genus Ambrosia Compositae. Journal of the Arnold Arboretum — Notes on the ragweeds of South America with the description of two new species: Ambrosia pannosa and A.

Brittonia 28— Peattie, D. Casuarinas of America identified by branchlets and seeds. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences — Pedersen, T. In: A. Cabrera ed. Pedralli, G. Flora do Estado de Goias Goiania 8: 1— Pennington, T. Flora Neotropica 1— Three proposals to conserve or reject species names in the genus Inga Leguminosae. The genus Inga : Botany. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Pensiero, J. Setaria pflanzii Poaceae, Paniceae , nueva especie para el norte de Argentina y sur de Bolivia. Hickenia 2: — Marattia Sw.

Perkins, J. Monographie der Gattung Mollinedia. Monographie der Gattung Siparuna. Engelmann, Leipzig. Perry, G. Perry, L. A tentative revision of Alchemilla subg. Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 1— Peterson, P. Systematics of the annual species of Muhlenbergia Poaceae—Eragrostideae. Bromus catharticus in South America Poaceae: Bromeae. Novon 8: 53— Philcox, D. Aechmea streptocalycoides Bromeliaceae. Kew Magazine 2: — Pilger, R. Gramineae Lehmannianae et Stubelianae Austro-Americanae additis quibusdam ab aliis collectoribus ibi collectis determinatae et descriptae.

Pilz, G. Two large-leaved species of Pouteria Sapotaceae from Ecuador. Selbyana 2: 60— Pinto-Escobar, P. The genus Bromus in northern South America. Caldasia 15— Piperno, D. The Origins of Agriculture in the Lowland Neotropics. Academic Press, San Diego. Pipoly III, J. Ernstia 1—9. Caldasia 3— Notes on the genus Myrsine Myrsinaceae in Peru.

Novon 2: — A new species of Parathesis Myrsinaceae from Ecuador. Novon 3: — Novon 4: 38— A new Tachigali Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae from western Amazonia. Sida, Contributions to Botany — New species of Ardisia Myrsinaceae from Ecuador and Peru. Nomenclatural notes on neotropical Clusieae Clusiaceae. Clusia L. Missouri Botanical Garden Press, St. Pires, J.

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The vegetation types of the Brazilian Amazon. Lovejoy eds. Pergamon Press, Oxford, U. Pittier, H. Plumel, M.


Bradea 5 supl. Pobedimova, E.

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In: V. Poeppig, E. Nova Genera ac Species Plantarum. Sumptibos Friderich Hofmeister, Leipzig. Pohl, R. In: W. Burger, ed. Fieldiana: Botany, New Series 4: 1— Bambusa Schreber, nom. Chater eds. Streptochaeta Schrader ex Nees. Lithachne P. Vulpia C. Briza L. Dactylis L. Triniochloa A.

Avena L. Aira L. Anthoxanthum L. Alopecurus L. Cinna L. Nassella Desv. Ortachne Nees ex Steudel. Aciachne Benth. Brachypodium P. Orthoclada P. Arundo L. Phragmites Adans. Tripogon Roemer et Schultes. Eleusine Gaertner. Dactyloctenium Willd. Pereilema J. Chloris Sw. Cynodon Rich. Chondrosum Desv. Bouteloua Lagasca, nom. Aegopogon Humb. Pseudechinolaena Stapf. Hymenachne P. Acroceras Stapf. Echinochloa P. Setaria P. Stenotaphrum Trin. Rhynchelytrum Nees. Melinis P. Imperata Cirillo. Sorghum Moench. Schizachyrium Nees. Hyparrhenia Andersson ex Fourn.

Rottboellia L. Hackelochloa Kuntze. Coix L. Guadua Kunth. Rhipidocladum McClure. Oryza L. Leersia Sw. Luziola A. Lolium L. Poa L. Agrostis L. Calamagrostis Adans. Bromus L. Cortaderia Stapf. Aristida L. Uniola L. Jouvea Fourn. Leptochloa P. Gouinia Fourn. Enteropogon Nees. Oplismenus P. Homolepis Chase.

Eriochloa Kunth. Paspalum L. Axonopus P. Paspalidium Stapf. Digitaria Haller, nom. Pennisetum Rich. Cenchrus L. Isachne R. Andropogon L. Sporobolus R. Ponce , M. Darwiniana — Pontiroli, A. Poppendieck, H. Porrut, P. Los climas del Ecuador—Fundamentos explicativos. Porter, D. Another Tribulus adventive in the New World. The genus Kallstroemia Zygophyllaceae. Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 41— Notes on the floral glands in Tribulus Zygophyllaceae.

Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 1—5. In: R. Bowman, M.

Leviton eds. Poston, M. A reevalution of Klaprothia and Sclerothrix Loasaceae: Klaprothrieae. Systematic Botany — Poulsen, A. Abundance and cover of ground herbs in an Amazonian rain forest. Journal of Vegetation Science 2: — Powell, A.

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Taxonomy of Tridax Compositae. Brittonia 47— Prance, G. Flora Neotropica 9: 1— New and interesting species of Chrysobalanaceae. Acta Amazonica 8: — Biological Diversification in the Tropics. Columbia University Press, New York. An update on the taxonomy and distribution of the Caryocaraceae. Opera Botanica — Three new species of Dichapetalaceae from tropical America. Chrysobalanaceae Supplement. Flora Neotropica 9S: 1— Bassett Maguire and the Chrysobalanaceae Connection.

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The systematics and evolution of Ludwigia sect. Myrtocarpus sensu lato Onagraceae. Rangel, O. Ranker, T. Hemionitis L. Rao, A.

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A revision of Rauvolfia , with particular reference to the American species. Rauh, W. Solanopteris bismarckii Rauh, ein neuer knollenbildender Ameisenfarn aus Zentral-Peru. Tropische und subtropische Pflanzenwelt 5: 5— Tropische und subtropische Pflanzenwelt 1— Tropische und subtropische Pflanzenwelt — Tropische und subtropische Pflanzenwelt 5— Tropische und subtropische Pflanzenwelt 99— Guzmania undulatobracteata ; a new combination.

Journal of the Bromeliad Society 18—20, 24, Two new species of succulent Peperomias from South America. Cactus and Succulent Journal [ U. Rauschert, S. Nomina nova generica et combinationes novae spermatophytorum et pteridophytorum. Raven, P. Reinwardtia 6: — Angiosperm biogeography and past continental movements.

Two new species and some nomenclatural changes in Oenothera subg. Hartmannia Onagraceae. Ravenna , P. Revisional studies in the genus Sisyrinchium — I. Wrightia 7: 1—9. Revisional studies in the genus Sisyrinchium —IV. Onira 3: 35— Raynal, J. Reeder, C. The genus Lycurus Gramineae in North America. Muhlenbergia Schreber. Reichenbach, H. Orchideae nonnullae Jamesonianae. Bonplandia 3: — Stipulae orchidaceae Reichenbachianae. Bonplandia 4: — Linnaea 1— Orchideae Wallisianae novae. Linnaea 99— Orchideae F. Lehmannianae ecuadorenses.

Reichenbach, Otia Botanica Hamburgensia. Theodor Theophil Meissneri, Hamburg. Reissek, S. In: C. Fleischer, Munchen and Leipzig. Reitz, P. ARAU: 1— Reitz ed. Reitz, R. Renner, S. A history of botanical exploration in Amazonian Ecuador, — Smithsonian Contribution to Botany 1— Flowering plants of Amazonian Ecuador—A checklist.

AAU Reports 1— New species of Siparuna Monimiaceae —I. Four new species from Ecuador and Colombia. Novon 5: 61— New species of Siparuna Monimiaceae —II. Seven new species from Ecuador and Colombia. Renvoize, S. The Grasses of Bahia. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Two new species of Eriochloa Gramineae from South America. Reveal, J. The neotypification of Lemna minuta Humb. Reynel, C. New Andean Zanthoxylum Rutaceae with distinctive vegetative characters.

Novon 5: — Systematics of neotropical Zanthoxylum Rutaceae with an account on the wood anatomy of the genus.

Species Lupinorum Species Lupinorum
Species Lupinorum Species Lupinorum
Species Lupinorum Species Lupinorum
Species Lupinorum Species Lupinorum
Species Lupinorum Species Lupinorum
Species Lupinorum Species Lupinorum
Species Lupinorum Species Lupinorum
Species Lupinorum Species Lupinorum

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