Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism

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Found it very intriguing. A lot of your ideas had me nodding my head in agreement. I was astonished to read your book non-stop over 7 hours last night. It was the best synthesis of the collective understanding I have read in my 48 years. I'm impressed by the breadth of your understanding and the amount of work you've obviously put into it.

This is about all I can say at the moment. Arthur D'Adamo. Science Without Bounds Sciences Way of Knowing Sciences Domain Of Knowing Each action is simple, yet it gives the other person an infusion of positive energy. Too often we get so caught up in our own little world and forget that we affect the world around us in so many ways. Talk about being a positive influence on the world around him despite the challenges that life presents! Father Dom created a fundraising product that benefits local charities while beneficially disposing of byproducts from two area businesses, a duck farm and a cranberry farm.

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Science Without Bounds

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Share Twit Share Email. Home Physics Quantum Physics. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. New species of crocodile discovered in museum collections 4 minutes ago. Relevant PhysicsForums posts A glass and bottle of water moving on their own 1 hour ago.

Free Falling powder in a vacuum 1 hour ago. Potential Energy and Potential -- Systems versus Particles 8 hours ago. Rest energies of individual nucleons considered in isolation 17 hours ago. What causes flux to suck-in solder? Typical wavelength Sep 24, Related Stories. Jul 19, Dec 20, Quantum paradox directly observed -- a milestone in quantum mechanics Mar 04, Sep 28, Jul 05, Recommended for you. Physicists take new step towards realization of qubits for quantum computers 3 hours ago. Sep 24, Quantum observers may be entitled to their own facts Sep 24, Sep 23, User comments.

Jun 08, Before you talk about if mind plays a roll on the physical world you might want to understand what a mind is :. Report Block. It's as simple as that, without even considering quantum theory, and regardless of the total nature of "mind," my brain inlfuences it's environment in any number of ways, both directly and indirectly. Just as heat tends to flow from a hot reservior to a cold one, the same thing happens in my brain.

So even in terms of nothing more than thermodynamics, the "brain" influences the environment, and therefore, reality.

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To say otherwise is totally ridiculous. Every keystroke I have made here in this message displaced energy, air, heat, nutrients, etc, and even has a tiny gravitational effect due to displacing matter. All of this, of course, caused by the functionality of the "Brain. Else you would have a fundamental contradiction of basic concepts of physics. In pure naturalism, every part of reality has impacts on every other part of reality, either directly or indirectly. Uhmmmm, seems a chicken-egg thing here.

Isn't your mind that is influenced by reality rather than the reverse? How can you say you influence the reality since you are part of that reality. You are also the reality. So, who is influencing who? Is there a who? Ohhhhh noooo not again! This ignorant article does complete injustice to the core philosophical question, by strategically using the phrase mysticism over and over. Absolute non-sense. The revolution that was quantum mechanics was primarily a epistemological one and still is.

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That physicists did not wrap their heads around this straight away is taken advantage of by Marin. Bohr got it right, though did not refer to then existing philosophy of mind, Einstein either mentioned mysticism in jest or didn't understand Bohr. This is a typical misconception of the issue. The mind does NOT influence reality. Very well said. I was going to post just that. How can ANY one state that something we do not fully understand does or does not do something? Until you have the facts to back it up, you can not correctly say one way OR the other.

My two cents? You unavoidably influence what you study or percieve, and while our understanding of this process may be limited to our perceptions, I would stake a decent amount of money on a bet saying that we also influence things in ways we are just begining to understand. Shelf this argument until we have a complete understanding of the mind.

Although physics has moved on this whole controversy is still very much alive among the public, and even on physorg we have proponents of the mystical interpretation edit: Ha!

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One important thing is that when the controversy first developed many of those physicists considered QM to be a fundamental and complete theory but it is nowadays obvious that it is neither. Basing one's understanding of physical reality on a fundamental theory which successfully describes every aspect of it is fine but basing such understanding on a model which is known to be incomplete, inconsistent and full of absurdities is not fine.

Especially when the implications of the model are as absurd as is the case with Copenhagen interpretation which among other things requires one to drop causality of course dropping causality invalidates all the science including Copenhagen interpretation so it's just absurd. The only rational interpretation of QM is the ensemble interpretation also called statistical one which is devoid of any mysticism.

Bohr got it very wrong, I have a quote for you: "Niels Bohr brainwashed a whole generation of physicists into believing that the problem of the interpretation of quantum mechanics had been solved fifty years ago. SuperHuman, quantum decoherence and many-worlds are interpretations which lie beyond the realm of measurement.

Therefore it is a philosophical interpretation,.. Some great physicist have given up on understanding the underlying reality, that is beyond the scope of measurement, All that can be done in science is to relate observables within the bounds of our conceptual framework. Furthermore, it is very difficult to modify our language so that it will be able to describe these atomic processes, for words can only describe things of which we can form mental pictures, and this ability, too, is a result of daily experience.

Fortunately, mathematics is not subject to this limitation, and it has been possible to invent a mathematical scheme - the quantum theory - which seems entirely adequate for the treatment of atomic processes" - Heisenberg, On Quantum Physics "The more you see how strangely Nature behaves, the harder it is to make a model that explains how even the simplest phenomena actually work.

Easter story: Bringing science and spirituality together

So theoretical physics has given up on that. Yeah, I don't quite get the use of mysticism over and over again. I think it's because the author gives the same lazy interpretation of Schopenhauer I always seem to hear: he was heavily influenced by Eastern mysticism. Well, I suppose that's true, to a certain extent. But anyone whose actually read Schopenhauer knows that he was mostly influenced by Kant, agreeing with him up to the point that we cannot know the thing-in-itself which Schopenhauer thought we could via the human body. Check out the World as Will and Idea Wow, dude, that's us!

Preston, Esq. It is available but you have to register to read the journal articles. Yes, I agree, I am also aware of all those quotes you cited, they mostly affirm my point that Copenhagen interpretation is no longer considered satisfactory in physics. Feynman happens to be my favorite physicist due to his intuitive approach, honesty and especially due to his brilliant lectures which I recommend to anyone interested in physics. Just like about years ago there are only one or two outstanding problems to tidy away before we have a complete understanding of the universe.

Roots of Western Mysticism Resources

Just like last time. This comment has been removed by a moderator. Jun 09, Dirac was right. The primary issue about consciousness is that we are not able to articulate our conscious states in language, nor by any however advanced brain scan. The main issue for QM is that a quantum computer cannot articulate its states using ordinary 0s and 1s, nor by any classical measurement, whatever is scanned.

This is a perfect match. It is as beautiful as simple. If we consider consciousness as something real, not illusory, then it has to be quantum, as it is not convertible to just classical messaging.

Reality: the locked corridor

We may live in world too reluctant for this, but some 50 years from now, kids yeah kids! It affects to be a rigorous, hard-headed science, yet quantum mechanics, its most successful theory it has never made a wrong prediction , seems to rub up inevitably against the problem of consciousness, and even quasi-mystical interpretations of the universe. Because of the extremely odd fact that you can choose to demonstrate either of two contradictory possibilities simply by deciding which experiment to perform.

And it is not just "observer-dependent" in a weak sense; by observing a photon, you cause the photon to be there and nowhere else. Before you observed it, it wasn't just in some specific location of which you were ignorant, it was in no particular place at all, or in many places at once.

Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism
Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism
Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism
Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism
Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism
Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism

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