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I worked in the Advertising Department for three out of my four years at Penn.

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  • Fall 12222: One for the Books.

It considerably added to my list of other challenging things Penn had to offer. What made my plus hour weeks at the office worth it was seeing people read the paper every morning and knowing I had a role to play in making that happen. The DP matters; my work here mattered. My time at the DP was coming to an end, and so was my time at Penn.


In the past year, my friend Dani had been talking about how crazy it was that we were seniors and so close to graduation. It was past midnight and I was walking back home from Huntsman with my friend Sharika and I panicked — Penn would end for me in a month. Had I taken the best four years of my life for granted? Will I ever find a gym as amazing as Pottruck? Do tofu meatballs exist outside of those from Magic Carpet??

Probably not. I was in tears. But would I want to relive my four years here? This brings back all the not-so-fun things I experienced at Penn including but not limited to rejection, exams and, brace yourself for this one, on-campus recruiting. I am ready to move on to the next chapter of my life, not too far from Philly.

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Penn is only as good as the people in it. Let me vouch for that. Sharika, Dani, Ana, Rachel, Yamir, and Theresa — thanks for being patient with me, listening to my rants or at least pretending to and loving me for who I am. Shruti, Tanvi and Devishi — thanks for being my family away from home.

It's Germane

Katherine, Nicole, and Paul — thanks for being the coolest mentors I could have asked for. Money from the Friends also provides services for job seekers by offering instruction in resume writing, interviewing and social networking. Funding for these projects is possible because of events hosted by the Friends such as the Mackay Ice Arena skating party and its very successful book sales held twice a year.

Wright Arena have led to heated City Council debates, a check presentation Dec. But at the Mackay Ice Rink in Englewood, a group of teenage girls is […]. Local Headlines.

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Photo by Hillary Viders. December 27, Michael Olohan. January 3, Hillary Viders.

December 4, Michael Olohan.

One for the Books One for the Books
One for the Books One for the Books
One for the Books One for the Books
One for the Books One for the Books
One for the Books One for the Books
One for the Books One for the Books
One for the Books One for the Books

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