How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition)

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It was traumatic - the father blamed the mother who did her best to encourage her child and to find out why he was so reluctant to go. The PC was called on for help. After hearing the problem, he commented that the child was being a brat and his solution was to tell this young boy he had to go and if he resisted, it would mean he would have to spend even more time with his dad than the Agreement called for. It worked insofar as he no longer barricaded himself in his room -- but the PC never spoke to this child about WHY he was so reluctant to go with his father.

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To this day, we don't know the reasons. The child is approaching his teen years and still doesn't have a good relationship with his dad who, like so many other narcissists, uses his son as a pawn. I was married to an identical twin. Both my ex and his twin are narcissists and both have explosive personality disorder. It was only two months after we got married that the episodes of rage started and continued every weeks during our 12 year marriage.

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We did not have one family vacation without an episode of rage. It was frightening to see the transformation. He was Dr. His opinion was the only opinion that mattered, everyone else had an "incorrect opinion. He had no sympathy for illness. Anything could set him off. A mug not washed, a light left on, being 5 mins late. The punishments never fit the crime. He would pour cold water on or bang pots and pans to wake the offender up at 5 in the morning. He would disconnect the ether net cord pre wifi and take it to work so none of us could get work done.

It became the norm to do whatever it took not to trigger his rage. We were all walking on egg shells. The final straw was when I was painting my sons room and my ex came in, yelled at me, grabbed the paint brush from my hand and shoved me into the wall. It was the first time that I feared for my safety. My oldest daughter heard the yelling and came running upstairs. She tried calling the police but my ex shoved her into the wall and ripped the phone out of her hands and the wall. Both my daughters told him that they dreamt he was going to kill me while they were at school or that he was going to kill us all in our sleep.

He just stood there and laughed. People always ask why I didn't leave sooner. Once you are under the spell of a narcissist, it is hard to leave. They drain you of all your emotional and physical energy. It becomes a matter of survival. It has been 5 years since I left. He is engaged to another woman but told my son recently that he is never going away. No contact, no contact, no contact! My, now ex, told me that I wasn't loading the dishwasher correctly. This as all the posts is such a sad story. It reminds me of a story of someone I interviewed for the book.

He said, " My ex asked me for a plate. I got the plate and put it in front of her and she said, 'Oh, that's not where I wanted it. This is called projection. I got to divorce a narcissist who is a divorce attorney I have not been left alone for 8 years. I finally stood my ground and they have backed down. They will not take their claws off once they get hold of you.

And never trust being nice it is a ploy to get something they want. It's exhausting and I have held off getting on with my life while I navigate dealing with them and raise our 3 kids. Truly is an illness and I see that a narcissist never gets help the victim does. They have no idea and obviously don't care even if they do. I divorced one! He still has not moved on and when everything stopped involving or revolving around him, his temper became worse!

I have so much proof that if the writer would ever like to see my files, please let me know. He still tries to turn things around. He was cheating on the kids, calling hookers, but told his family I was the one cheating when he was. I have the phone records to prove it. They get 10x worse when you divorce them. Get all in order before you do.

All your proof, they blow their top! Married and had one child with a NPD. Did not figure out where the rages, the lack of support and the constant accusations came from until years had passed and a threat to the family's unity forced me to check and made me discover the extent of his long going lies and serial infidelities. Left him shortly afterwards and managed to have him sign a voluntary custody agreement where he looks good and to get a divorce, but he is still actioning me in court nonetheless. He will never let go and uses the court system as a boxing ring with no regards to the harm this does to our child.

After significant legal expenses and after realizing that he was really only using litigation to get to me, best move I made was to represent myself.

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Besides his image, the only other thing that gets a narcissist to react is his pocket book. Every legal move I now make costs me little, but costs him tons. My sympathy and best wishes to you all. This is truly one of the hardest and loneliest fights to fight, with no end in sight. I feel the pain, but hold onto the light.

You have integrity, empathy and decency, and no one can't take that away from you! Please tell me how I can learn about how to represent myself? I'm in a divorce with a narcissist and my money will run out soon I just separated from my boyfriend after four years of manipulation and psychological abuse. I would have no contact with him except that we have a 2 year old together. Everything I've read says there's nothing I can do about this. My lawyer says we can spend a lot of money trying to fight my ex but that likely not much will change.

Will this book give me advice on what to do legally? Also, the only reason I even know about narcissism as a disorder is because he accused me of being one and a drunk and irresponsible mother.

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My friends and family all agree that his accusations are laughable and that he is the one who is clearly the narcissist. My son married a narcissist. My husband told hom he was making the biggest mistake of his life if he married her. Having known her only 8 weeks , he brought her home to meet us. We didn't know about the term NPD but we knew we didn't care for her. She turned every conversation back to herself. They were married within a year, and became pregnant immediately.

She has been fired from every position she had but it was always their fault. She would not allow our son to talk to us unless the phone was on speaker. There are many more stories but the gist of it is, he had an affair and she threatened to divorce him. It was his way out. The divorce is taking a year and a half. She managed to tell his commanding officer he was a well regarded Lt. He was released from the Navy, and she became furious that he took a paycut in his new job. She moved back in with her parents. We have to ask for FaceTime with our grandson and she occasionally allows it.

If you are the victim of a narcissist know that if you have something on him that he doesn't want others to know, that you would happily spread it about town if he alienates you from your kids or interferes in your life in any way. He might head for the hills. Narcissists have serious mommy problems and so aren't real fond of women anyway. My husband of 22 years was a classic case. I tried to divorce him at year 17 because of the toxic household environment and he talked me out of it.

Five years later things got worse with the children and I did it. He didn't go quietly. Court orders, etc. He used the children by brainwashing them to believe that I, the mother, had destroyed the family. It took years before my children, of whom I had custody, understood the truth. As I say to my grown children now, in their 20s and 30 s, "I had to cut out the cancer that was eating away at the family.

No spouse issues here but a 'partner' in managing my elderly mother's life, my oldest sister, is a full blown narcissist with vindictive tendencies on top of being bi-polar. She has the need to appear godlike and omnipotent and trusts no one other than her religious fanatic husband and her own children.

For years another high-achieving sibling closest to the narcissist in age was subject to her unrelenting criticism. My sister feels she is the only one who can address my mother's needs, though she has to direct others on how to do so. Unfortunately she is crazy and even has put my mother in harm's way by ignoring physician directives etc.

Managing this and dealing with my sister's false perceptions along with unreasonable and unrealistic demands has drained us all. Unfortunately we can't divorce her.

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Reading this article helps in managing this albatross who doesn't hang around our necks but burrows deep under our skin. My narcissist ex husband was way ahead of me before I ever filed for divorce. He had started an affair, he had set up his next life, all the while making me believe that we were "alright". When I finally learned of his betrayal, and filed for divorce, he had arranged our financial assets in such a way that I way literally on the streets.

My attorney was at a loss and could not find a way to save my situation. If I had not been the one to take legal action first, his "face" would have been saved, and I probably would have faired much better. However, I could not sit back and wait for him to give our assets to another woman which he was slowly putting those in her name and live with the pain of his deception any longer. Once the divorce was final, he continued to find ways to spew his hatred in ways that were childish and completely unfounded.

Not our first marriage, our children were from separate marriages, he found a way to completely cut me off from his family, grandchildren that I had considered mine since their birth. The only thing different I could have done was to wait for him to file the divorce, rather than taking that power away from him, but the results would have been the same - complete financial and emotional abuse. There is no good way to leave a narcissist.

He will win everytime. Kaye and Ellen, My situation is eerily similar. My ex was an airline pilot and could easily have hidden money abroad. He had been having an affair with a married flight attendant for 6 years by the time I found out about it. The narcissist liar and cheat has the advantage and ensures their spouse is kind, generous and trusting. We never had a chance!! Good to know I am not the crazy woman he had me thinking I was. I feared the same, so I waited six months after he asked for a divorce and we separated, and I filled out the paperwork--in his name.

I made him the petitioner because I knew he would someday show our children and blame me for ruining the family. He was furious when I presented the paperwork to him I was just doing what he asked, I said because I was apparently supposed to fight harder to be with him, despite the fact that he was already involved with a student who had earned A's in 2 of his classes and was half his age we are both professors. According to him, I needed to let him have a year to figure out what he wanted. I told him my 1 and 3-year old boys and I wouldn't wait and he signed in a fit of rage.

Then sued for 5 years. He never would have filed! He had everything. My husband buried his assets so deeply that he managed to pay no child support and at 65 I'm working full time for the remainder of my life. My partner of several years and I get along well and travel extremely well. However, our approaches to and experiences in life have been exceptionally different. Sexually, she is not very satisfying. As a result I have had an amazingly stimulating and fulfilling personal and sexual relationship with someone else.

Not appropriate, but that's the road I followed. Hence, I have been accused of being narcissistic. I understand the response. That said, having never had a satisfying sexual relationship in my life I am now I should have left my partner for "Athens other woman," but I don't want others to think I'm always moving on. It's hard for friends to relate to someone who always has someone new in their life. I do not believe I am narcissistic, but feel I finally have had some true sexual fulfillment. I know it's been inappropriate, but I at least feel human.

I was very drawn to my partner's personality and we decided to marry and have a child. I made the mistake of not dating for long; as we both seemed to want a child and I had a small window of time given my age. Once the child was born; he immediately announced that he had decided not to continue working as it would interfere with his art and that pretty much opened the door to emotional and financial conflict that only grew worse.

He tried taking over my home and ordering me about and finally when I caught him using drugs in our home with an 18th month old upstairs, I threw him out. Thus by began a long and ugly divorce in which he used any means possible to destroy me and use our son as a pawn. I finally, after going through five lawyers found the right attorney and he nailed L. Today our son has very little to do with him and feels he is "just a burden" to be around.

My son and I both survived and are doing well but I will never forgive or forget this nightmere. I divorced a divorce attorney 11 years ago and he still tries to harm me. He was so successful in convincing friends, neighbors and government officials that I am dangerous and crazy that I was arrested three times. Plus city officials tried to take away both my business and professional license which would have left me without income.

He effectively alienated both of my children who are now grown. I discovered that he supported another narcissist, the city prosecutor who wrote a secret report about me claiming that I had a diagnosis of sociopath. This report was used to try to crush my psychology practice. My only protection against this man was to sue the city and the neighbors who kept filing false police reports.

And I was acquitted of all charges ever brought against me. I refuse to be crushed by this horrible experience, but I grieve daily that my children one of whom is autistic have succumbed to his manipulations. They tell people I am dangerous and crazy too. Past experience has taught me I will never be free until the man is dead, even after 25 years being divorced.

He told my grandson I didn't want to be with my grandson when I really did not want to be in his grandfather's presence and be subject to his continuing anger about why we divorced and ruined "the family. I get angry sometimes because it has affected my long term relationships with my adult children and there can rarely be a joint gathering without the adult kids wondering what might happen. And, it is, and always will be, about him.

Taboo topic indeed, I am from Denmark, I am about to move to another apartment, after being in a relationship with an narcissist for 1 and half years. I almost destroyed my life and my identity as a person. Her family, whom are addicted to drugs and alcohol has been attacking me in different ways, because I have been fighting for the best for my three boys, two of my ex girlfriends boys and my son.

And then, there is the hell of divorcing a psychopath. Not all narcissists are psychopaths, but all psychopaths are narcissists. Psychopaths are a different species, people who literally do not have a conscience, and who use words as instruments for deception and vengeance, not as vehicles for true expression and connecting honestly. The tricks of these "people" defy what even moderately narcissistic people would consider using. One of the most maddening aspects of these "people," is that what sets a true sociopath apart, is not just the audacity of how far they will stretch the truth to shatter into expedient lies, but of how well they have honed their craft of hiding their actions.

Psychopaths usually portray themselves as the exact opposite of the the kind of people they truly are while exploiting their victims such that others are coerced to believe that the victims harmed the sociopath. I somehow endured this for 15 years before I caught on, and was able to save what was left of my myself and my kids's lives. I could never have done it without the couple dozen books on this topic. It can be done.

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Google the terms and learn as if your life depended on it. Because it does! Thank you for your inspiring words. I'm going through it now and trying to self-educate on the topic. I'd like to know your book recommendations. Twelve years ago my narcissistic husband confessed to a 18 month affair in which the young woman became so distressed she stopped taking her diabetic medicine and died.

He had left her and then rung back. She'd said she was ill and he told her to ring an ambulance. She died that night. There was a coronial inquiry. His number was all over her phone. I was shocked. I had convinced myself he was perfect. But in hindsight he was such a gestural person, performing as the all round nice guy but he never complimented me. He made love to me as if he was making love to himself. He went down on his knees after the woman died. After the police reports and so on he confessed to four other liaisons and begged me to stay. He would spend the rest of his life making it up to me.

Afterwards I asked him if he ever thought about the woman. He said no. Yet I thought about her all the time, thinking that if she had rung me when she was so sick, I would have rung the ambulance and come over. When I asked him how she looked, he told me I had nicer hair and she had orange lipstick that he didn't like very much. He said he'd pretended he was a big business man. So she was an audience. There were other weird things too. Once I undertook a hypnotic therapy session in which I spent time searching for guidance on how to be good.

He undertook the same session and ended up masturbating in front of the therapist. These things made me cringe, and yet I kept making excuses for his behavior. He rarely came home and if I made a point of this, he told me I was emotionally needy. More recently my daughter from a short first marriage died. My husband had helped in her care but again in a way that was so loud. People had to know what he was doing. He left in the lead up to her death. He'd found another woman but lied again. He insisted on attending my daughter's funeral, said he'd kick the door down.

I have found since there were more affairs after his promise to make it up to me. And now he is gone and nothing clear about the divorce but I sense he is nervous that people will think he is bad so I'm walking a tightrope using that need of his to be seen as a good man. But I did get him into a relationships meeting and suddenly all of the ugly hostility came out. It's so horrifying.

I've lived with this man for 37 years. I'm only beginning to realize how much damage it's done to my sense of self. But I will recover. I have the backing of a family who love me. I have parents who loved me too. I want to show my strength to my boys. I worked with an extremely narcissistic person and it was hell. The 'switch' you talk about - from nice to mean in an instant - happened with her, where she swore and cursed, alleged everyone around her was being unfair to her. When she first came on board she had horror stories of her previous workplace and boss and we all sympathized - ''what horrible people!

Yes, it is horrific having to be in the office all day with these toxic people. They turn co-workers against each other and make everyone less productive. The husband was a textbook case of a narcissist. See it if you can. Or watch Lord of the Rings…. THAT was my ex-husband. It was shocking. I knew when I divorced my narcissistic ex three years ago I made a mistake settling for less. His threats of going on disability scared me. When I started a serious relationship with a loving man who showered my kids and I with gifts, he unraveled.

He's also called me a drug addict since I take pain meds once in a while due to spinal injury. I'm fighting back filing six contempts this week because unless you become the aggressor they will torture you til their last breathe. I just hope the system can see his mental disorder. She had outrageously violent outbursts of hysteria lasting about 40 minutes each time about 12 in 4 years. On divorcing her she did everything she could to alienate out two children and to see that none of our friends would remain friends with me. In both she was. The only thing one can do is to severe all ties, completely, percent.

You will never, ever win a battle with narcissist. They delight in the conflict as it makes them feel important. I found this book at my local library several months ago and I can truly say it is a Godsend. I divorced a narcissist a year ago. We were married for 20 years. At the end of the marriage I was physically ill. He said he was done with me and moved in with my best friend. I filed for divorce the next day and it has been hell ever since Now I see him for who he is and I am doing my best to help my kids through the emotional abuse he shovels on to them.

The gift in all of this is that I am getting healthy and strong and I am a better mother than I ever have been. This book has been a super guide on how to help your children and how to let things go that you can't fix. I am coming to terms with the fact that my kids will never have the dad I dreamed they would have. But, they did get one hell of a mother, so I can be happy about that!

You are describing my situation! My divorce took 10 years. Now I am trying to change my support situation which has taken already 3 years. She has turned the children now grown into pawns and has twisted everything to her favor. She said I was the narcissist but I hardly am. I try to be positive and like to look good but I hardly think that is narcism. Thank you for bringing this to light.

And no I do not think I will ever be rid of her. I suffered through this. Nothing was lonelier than being married to this charmer who was a braggadocio and spent his nights and weekends seeking out affirmation from acquaintances he had no friends that he was a model husband and father. My three-year divorce odyssey while painful financially in hindsight was worth every penny. I am always blamed by my husband in this divorce. I try to get him to feel what I am and he is always a victim. Yet I have been physically abused verbally and emotionally.

Why does the narcissist idolize their mothers? Narcissists lack empathy. So acceptance of that and that they cannot tune into the emotional world of others is important for the beginning of the healing process. Not sure about your question regarding mothers. I've seen it both ways. Good luck with this. My kids and I barely survived divorce from a narcissist, who later married a narcissist that was rocky!

They tried 3 times to get custody because they were sure child support was unjustified. See the turning point, below, after years of tumult. Imagine my ex thinking he could get custody when he hadn't bothered to see the children or pay child support for more than a year! Fast talking with the court, a good false story, and a clever attorney did all that. Finally the judge got the picture, and ordered that my ex pay my legal fees something almost never required here. Meanwhile I slept with a hammer under my bed, knowing my ex's wish to retaliate. I'd have gotten a gun, but knew statistics about guns at home.

The turning point? I knew that my winning these court cases would accelerate his sense of injustice and the dangers. I asked my lawyer to bargain a settlement: no legal fee payment in exchange for a binding agreement to have the court social worker and a referee determine all future disputes. No more attorneys. We disguised the deal to make it sound like the idea came from my ex's attorney.

I was broke and this was hard. But it worked. The children had further crises, but things slowly settled with the help of many good people. So true - let them feel like they have won…. They are manipulative people but can be manipulated back …. You made the right choice. Once you realize it's all about whether they feel like they've won Key traits: I am his ex wife: when we were married, nothing I did was right, or good enough.

He could not enjoy our time together or the time with our children. He told me constantly I was not a good enough mother, wife, daughter. He isolated me from my parents and other family. Yes the "not good enough" message gets internalized as the criticism and judgment is relentless. Work the recovery though as it really helps to clean up those negative messages and get rid of the trauma. I was married to a narcissist who was also an alcoholic. He was a conglomerate of people he aspired to be but he was not a real person.

He literally made himself up and played the part. My divorce took 4 years and I had to cope with raising my children , who were very young at the time, and live through a horrific divorce. He is now single after another failed marriage and several failed relationships, he is still blaming me for his unhappiness. I made many sacrifices but I was able to regain a career and become my own person again.

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I only regret is that my children will never have a real loving relationship with their father. Their relationship is superficial since he completely egocentric. As for me, success really is the best form of revenge. I'm in the same boat. It's awful. I've come to grips with the fact that this person will never, ever change. The two components that haunt me are:. I can't change what's happened, but I want to be sure I am well-equipped to deal with the certain roadblocks I will meet in the future. I feel as though I've become a detective; trying to predict every manipulative move of his before he makes it, so I don't end up in a more compromising situation than I'm already in.

What's the secret to dealing with these absolutely confounding individuals? I really wish I knew. I absolutely cannot wrap my mind or heart around how these people think. I have been destroyed and have no help even though my narcissistic husband took a gun to my head because I told him I was moving out. His parents fought for him and I had nowhere to go. He has actually gotten me fired from 7 individual jobs. Bosses telling me I will have to go because they are afraid of him. I can get no help. I would caution against informal and rushed diagnoses.

It is tempting to see narcissism as the explanation of a pressing problem--but it may not be the correct or full explanation. I have some narcissistic traits, but I don't lack empathy or self-awareness. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Luna , Hardcover, Revised. About this product Product Information Using real life stories and his own consulting experience, Luna highlights legal methods for protecting oneself from information predators and how to secure bank accounts, business dealings, computer files, and even one's home address.

Praise for How to be Invisible "Fascinating Gordon Liddy "A subversive, disturbing, and altogether remarkable exposure of our frightening transparency to government agencies, investigators, the media, and more malign forces. This is a memorable work which should be considered by many.

Luna gives the smartest, sanest, and most practical advice on just how to stay out of sight in the real world. Buy this book if you value your privacy. Meticulously Researched and Very Entertaining. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Any Condition Any Condition. See all 7. Compare similar products. You Are Viewing. Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode.

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How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition) How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition)
How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition) How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition)
How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition) How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition)
How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition) How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition)
How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition) How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition)
How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition) How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition)
How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition) How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life (3rd Edition)

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