Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2)

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Mayer, Bob 1959- (Joe Dalton, Robert Doherty, Greg Donegan, Bob McGuire)

A drawstring allows the hood to be tightened. On his lower body, he wears a pair of light grey bottoms, folded back below his knees and sporting a slight floral and green leaf pattern on the large white pockets on either side of the thin trousers as well as the rims of where the legs have been folded back, secured with a darker green ribbon tied off into a neat central bow.

To complete his chill and comfortable look, Nezzie wears a pair of light grey fluffy slipper boots over his feet and over a pair of thick green and beige bed socks with a striped and spotted pattern odd socks , short strings with two star shaped pom-poms attached on each boot, the sole padded with a relatively good grip. He also has a darker grey coloured robe similar to a dressing gown that he may wear, or drape over his shoulders to keep him warm, complete with pockets and a tie belt, but soft and plain, rather than patterned.

Exercise Clothing: He isn't the biggest fan for exercise, so Nezzie probably wouldn't bother changing his outfit much unless he really had to. Otherwise, it would just consist of grey jogging bottoms, a patterned pale blue shirt white stripes and white sneakers with a darker blue stripe, pulling over his hoodie if he gets cold.

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For his swimwear, this would be a simple pair of Aqua blue swimming trunks with a drawstring and a darker blue floral pattern to decorate the legs. Sleepwear: Honestly, Nezzie has more articles of sleepwear than he can count, although his favourite pair is a dark blue pair of pyjama bottoms with a starry pattern decorating the legs, to wear with a matching short sleeved blue top, showing a silver outline of a kitty curled up with the words 'Time for my kitty cat nap' scrawled above.

He will wear his slipper boots with this too and of course have his stuffed kitty 'Purruna' with him for comfort. Accessories: Nezzie has a few accessories to finish his outfit, but not too many. Most notable is clover shaped locket pendant on a silver chain around his neck. Inside, it contains all his necessary gear for his aromatherapy talent, perfume bottles, plants, herbs and specimen containers, pastes, jars and his purifier, distiller and the like.

It also contains his sketchpad and stationary and his stuffed white cat called Purruna, a scarlet ribbon tied around her neck, with big blue eyes. His pockets may be stuffed with further herbs as well, all associated with his talent. Normal Clothing: Yui wears a black school girl uniform. Her skirt is long enough to reach her calf. She wears black thigh-high stockings on her legs. She also wears a red scarf.

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Accessories: Skull shaped h air pin on the left side of her hair. Body Type: He is tall, broad shouldered and muscular, though not overly bulked up. He has a few piercings in each ear, and he tends to wear small silver hoops in them. One other distinctive thing-enough that I think it is worth mentioning here rather than as accessories- is that he wears ornate masks on the side of his head like a sort of oversized hair accessory-his favourite is a red and white kitsune mask.

The Book of Truths (Nightstalkers: Area 51 series)

Normal Clothing: Despite his taste in accessories, he favours plain t-shirts in neutral colours, such as black or dark blue, along with cargo shorts in lighter neutral colours e. With these, he would wear simple white socks and black and white Velcro strap trainers. If it is cold, he will wear slacks instead of shorts, and will wear a dark-neutral fleece over his t-shirt. He would also take off the necklace and wristbands. Sleepwear: A pair of tracksuit trousers, similar to the ones he uses when exercising. He usually sleeps shirtless, but he would take the consideration to put a t-shirt usually one due to go in the wash anyway, or an old one he wouldn't wear elsewhere if he has to get out of bed and leave his room for whatever reason or if he was sharing his room with someone.

Accessories: Aside from the mask and earrings, he also usually wears a red dog-collar style choker necklace and assorted wristbands around both wrists. The wristbands are thick rubber, fairly sturdy, and not easily broken. Eye color: purple contacts, but natural eyes are light brown with golden specks. Normal Clothing: white croptop blouse with sleeves reaching elbows, high waisted long brown skirt, dark blue gingham shawl tied around shoulders, black lace socks, and brown pennyloafers. Exercise clothing: loose white shirt with a jam jar print, high waisted brown shirts, knee high brown socks, white sneakers.

Her hair is made into two long braids tied with dark ribbons. Accessories: She wears a dark blue ribbon to tie back some of her hair in the back and has a sunflower clip on the side of her hair. His hair reaches just below his head, then his bangs neatly trimmed and hanging just below his thin but sharp eyebrows. Eye Color: Shigemi's upturned eyes are an ice blue color. His eyelashes are defined as well, simply because he does apply a bit of mascara on them.

Skin Tone: Shigemi's skin tone is a healthy and fair complexion, with slight rosy cheeks on his face.

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Body Type: Shigemi's body type leans more on the feminine and skinny side, though he is perfectly healthy. He does have a few calluses on his fingers that he hides with makeup, then having his fingernails alternate between black and hot pink, the first on his pinkie finger from the left being black and then alternating till his right pinkie.

Normal Clothing: Shigemi would be wearing a shoulderless shirt with long sleeves that are loose and flappy. The color of his shirt would be horizontal stripes of alternating black and pink, similar to his fingernails, black at the top and alternating till the bottom. At the bottom Shigemi would be wearing white tight-fitted jeans, then wearing fashionable black casual shoes with a double golden zipper, not wearing any socks.

Exercise Clothing: For exercise, Shigemi would be wearing a sleeveless white hoodie that he would wear over a loose sky blue shirt. At the bottom he would be wearing black jogging pants with golden kanji to the sides below that said "luck" on each one. He would then be wearing dark red and white running shoes, then wearing white ankle-high socks. Sleepwear: For sleepwear, Shigemi would be wearing a beige-colored loose shirt with a white cat face in the middle of the shirt as a logo.

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He would then be wearing dark blue pajama pants at the bottom. Accessories: Shigemi would be wearing his black flu mask over his face, and keep his magenta-framed bifocal glasses over his face. Let's preserve a T rating as best we can, haha. Normal Clothing: Black Lace Up Mini Dress, the dress goes just above the knees, the two half's of the dress are connected by laces in a crisscross pattern. Black high heels, white stockings. Elegant black gloves that sparkle. Pink undergarments, thin red rimmed glasses.

Exercise Clothing: Black zip up track suit, zipped down far enough to [ Accessories: Gold bracelets on each wrist and each ankle. Black choker that has a silver heart in the center. Two light red-orange thick strands hang from the sides of his ears, reaching to his mid-neck. Normal Clothing: A light blue blazer, a red t-shirt underneath, purple jeans and blue high-top sneakers with decorative wings. Exercise Clothing: A light blue tank top with black straps, black shorts, and white and red sneakers.

Accessories: Square-rimmed glasses, a fox-like scarf wrapped around his neck, a green sidebag that carries a lot of his analysis notebooks and artistic books , and he always carry around a blue journal and pen. If any strands fall from the bun she will simply brush them behind her ear. Annoyingly Emiko will not fix her bun until it falls down completely on its own.

Emiko's hair is middle back length when down. Skin Tone: Her skin tone is creamy and on the pinkish side. She is known to burn badly without sunscreen. Body Type: Emiko has a toned pear shaped body. She has a chubby legs and stomach while her top is flattish.

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Her legs are long compared to the rest of her. Normal Clothing: A white tank top that hugs the body. The tank top has a silhouette of a woman riding a horse. The shirt has a misprint on it causing the horse to have 8 legs. It has the words "Cowgirl Country," printed twice almost on top of each other. She has stretchy space pattern yoga shorts on.

Wrapped around her waist is a thin pink jacket with the hood ripped off. For shoes Emiko wears flimsy pink foam flip flops. Exercise Clothing: A pink T-shirt and black yoga pants. She goes barefoot and removes all accessories. She feels more rational in this outfit. Sleepwear: A XXL tye dye t-shirt that reaches her knees. The shirt has a washed out faded 90's anime character on it. For pants she wears the same shorts as before. She goes barefoot everywhere. Accessories: For accessories she wears a wood bead bracelet on her left hand and a collection of odd hair ties on the right.

Her necklace has a large charm of a heart with a dagger through it. Appearance: Lee is a tall young man, standing firm and at attention whenever you see him. He has light tanned skin, from being out in the sun all the time. He has a strong body built, medium sized arms, and a toned chest. He has a shaved head, due to him being enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, so he hasn't had hair for several years.

He has a firm look on his face, dark colored brows, bright green eyes, a small nose and chiseled cleft chin. Outfits: Lee wears his uniform, which he takes care cleaning. It was a long sleeved, buttoned shirt, tucked into army green slacks. He wears a pair of black polished shoes. Over it, he wears a green suit that is firmly pressed, along with a black tie. He has various pins and adornments on his left breast, along with a small American flag pin on his collar. He wears a green beret on his head, which bears the symbol of the United States Marine Corps.

Outfits: 1. A waitress uniform with a black pencil sqirt, white collar shirt, black vest, red tie, pantyhose and black shoes with a one inch heel 2. Any bathing suit she can find if she's swimming 3. A pink and white tank top with pink shorts when she's sleeping. OC Subm ission F orm archived here for reference. I'm open to whatever though. I don't want to put anymore restrictions, on what you envision for your character. Romance: Are you alright seeing your character fall in love? If so I just need to know and what would compel them? History: You can make this a paragraph or a page long. I just need enough to know how your character became the person they are.

What shaped them? What drives them? People of note: Does your character have any important friends and or family outside of the game?

Cut Out: A Dave Riley Novel, Book 4 (Unabridged)

Or just important characters in their life? There needs to be that one skeleton in your closet, that you'd lament getting out. Reaction to the Island Life of Despair: How will they react to the idea of having to betray the people they come to know? Give me a general sense or even some sample dialogue of how they would handle this. Reaction to being targeted during voting: If they get the most votes, they're going to die.

FTEs: Due to the premise, these will make up a decent chunk of the you have any ideas for your character to explore in free time with someone, please share them with me. It can be something simple or very serious and complex. The more the merrier. Quotes: I'd like to see a bare minimum of quotes from all applicants. It serves to help me know how the character speaks. Story Story Writer Forum Community. In the midst of a despair-filled world, sixteen Ultimate students are given the chance to escape to an island retreat for the summer.

But it is all just a front for a new type of death game, one focused on psychology. In this horrifying situation, even the strongest bonds will be broken beyond repair. But you know better. In the novel, officials from the Colombian government enlist American aid to help them destroy cocaine-processing laboratories. According to a reviewer in Publishers Weekly, "Mayer successfully establishes the nuanced differences among U. A computer-simulated attack on China goes horribly wrong, placing Riley and his team of soldiers in danger when their helicopter crashes behind enemy lines.

In Synbat, Riley and his team of Green Berets must track a group of genetically-engineered primates that escape from a lab complex in Tennessee. Known as Synbats, or synthetic battle forms, the creatures leave a trail of destruction in their wake. The Special Forces must confront "not only the vicious animals, but also government officials intent upon keeping their secrets … intact," noted a critic in Publishers Weekly.

xunomiliribi.ga Riley joins forces with a Chicago police officer to learn why a mobster is gunned down after he enters the Federal Witness Protection Program in Cut-Out. The story "pits … Riley and his men against two groups of professional killers and the heinous federal officials behind one of them," observed a Publishers Weekly contributor.

According to Library Journal reviewer Michelle Foyt, descriptions of "modern warfare and the details of hand-to-hand encounters add excitement. Mayer's "Area 51" series concerns a top secret facility established by the U. In The Mission, scientist Lisa Duncan and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte travel to the Amazon river basin to learn why villagers are dying at an alarming rate, only to find that alien invaders have unleashed a deadly virus.

In Nosferatu, a race of ancient vampires plots to control the Earth. Fans of previous volumes in the series "definitely will enjoy this exciting installment, and newcomers will find much to enjoy, too," observed Kristine Huntley in Booklist. The Shadows, a sinister force, threatens the planet in Mayer's "Atlantis" series, written under the pen name Greg Donegan. The novel "satisfies both as a bold page-turner and an enjoyable frolic in the pulp adventure tradition," remarked a reviewer in Publishers Weekly.

Wilder join forces to discover the source of the mysterious "accidents" occurring on the set of Armstrong's new film in the romantic thriller Don't Look Down. Despite the danger involving snipers, alligators, and the Russian mob, the novel is "all in good fun," noted a Publishers Weekly critic. Booklist, July, , Kristine Huntley, review of Nosferatu, p. Publishers Weekly, May 24, , review of Eyes of the Hammer, p.

Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2) Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2)
Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2) Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2)
Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2) Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2)
Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2) Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2)
Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2) Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2)
Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2) Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets, Book 2)

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