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Once the prototype is delivered, the team select a specific axis to test the feature on before all feedback from members is collected and analyzed. If members are happy with the new feature and tend to use it, then a more comprehensive and robust implementation of the feature takes place and is gradually rolled out to the rest of the members across the globe.

BlaBlaCar's Inside Story 5: Done Is Better Than Perfect

Passengers had been used to paying cash in hand to the driver after a journey and now had to adjust to online payment. After several months of development, the first version of the product was delivered and the team decided to implement it on one particular route, for the simple reason that if something went wrong, it would affect just a few people in a limited area.

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The team actively listened to members who were trying the product real-time and speedy iterations were needed to reduce the accompanying frustrations that some members were experiencing. Instead they wanted the opportunity to validate their requests manually.

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  • In the first month alone, the team reiterated the product over 20 times. Most of the teams in the company are critical in the development and implementation of the product. The Founders help to prioritize the execution and direction in crafting the entire service. The Tech team are the ones who transform ideas into reality, whilst building and coding the platform.

    The Product team then analyze the product, and measure the behaviours and impressions that members feel at each step of the experience. The Communications team are in contact with the community to spread the message. And the People team hire the right talent to make it all happen. A common approach in the startup world, the agile philosophy is a time-focused, iterative approach which allows a product to be built step-by-step.

    Poster "Done is better than perfect"

    As a result, it provides the ability to adapt and change at any point. Until , the tech team was originally made up of five teams: TeamRed focused on mobile development and apps; TeamGreen developed the desktop browser, internet and web mobile versions; TeamBlue concentrated on all aspects of monetisation; TeamYellow developed all internet tools, and TeamPurple was responsible for infrastructure and technical scaling. As BlaBlaCar began to grow, the team also began to expand, and a significant shift was starting to take place. Their communication and feedback channel was no longer proving efficient.

    With the agile mindset being at the core of BlaBlaCar, Francis knew what he had to do. It has an appointed Need lead, a Product lead and a Tech lead, as well as several squads made up of developers, designers and analysts.

    DONE is Better Than Perfect

    It is, though, a fun read, quick and easy through all pages. Although I have my criticisms, I think it is a book that can benefit just about everyone.

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    The kinds of errors in thinking and acting that undermine perfectionists are not specific to them; lots of people get tripped up by the same fallacies, myths, and ruts. The how-to section of the book is about getting out of your own way. Lombardo names her seven strategies so that they spell out P. For some of her points, there is overwhelming support. One of the most important is the distinction she makes between acting out of fear rather than passion.

    Books by Elizabeth Lombardo

    In the social science jargon, this is the distinction between avoidance-based motivations and approach-based motivations. What if other people judge me and make fun of me? Passionate people, on the other hand, love what they are doing. Setbacks and criticisms do not deter them. The platform has 70 million users, including eight million active drivers. Other travelers who need to make the same trip can pay to carpool with them.

    Drivers are not allowed to make a profit, so the costs just cover things like gas and insurance. BlaBlaCar experienced massive growth in the past years, expanding to 19 new countries between and Sticking to their philosophy became even more difficult as BlaBlaCar matured. With growth comes more scrutiny, Brusson continues. This puts even more pressure on your technical staff.

    Another concern is the accumulation of technical debt: all those quick fixes and shortcuts put in to maintain momentum will start adding up at some point. And this indeed is an ongoing challenge for the company, and more specifically its CTO Francis Nappez. Brusson learned the ropes of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley in the early s.

    Why French unicorn BlaBlaCar still believes in ‘done is better than perfect’

    He studied at Berkeley and worked for fiber optics startup Gemfire, which did not survive the dot com boom. In Berkeley, we were invited to debate each other, even if that meant coming up with silly arguments. Brusson brought this mindset home to France, where he officially joined BlaBlaCar in The first years were tough, he continues. Back in , investors were already sensing the looming global financial crisis and therefore skeptical of tech startups.

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